In the travel industry, being flexible about day, time or location means saving money. Which is not always the case in business travel, until you rethink why you are actually traveling. More often than not, you can be more flexible with your flights than you think.

Meeting colleagues or business partners made fun.

How about you meet that business partner from London in another city for a meeting? This way you share the time and money investment more equally, and you meet in a new, more exciting place for once. As an added benefit, you can probably save your company some money by being flexible about the meeting location. How about meeting your colleagues or business partners 'in the middle' in a convenient location for both, and split the burden or lenght of travel?

International Business Meetings

Have you ever tried to find the ideal location for a large international business meeting? Companies can save thousands of dollars by planning this in a smart way. By the way airfares are structured, it is difficult to find out what the best place would be to meet or hold your conference. Accommodation cost as well as subsistence and possibly venue costs add up and can be vastly different per city. With a premium system that can easily find the best place to organise the meeting you can run meetings and conferences much more cost efficient. Additionally, your employees or colleagues may appriciate a trip to a new, interesting destination and by planning this in an affordable country, your on-the-ground costs can be significantly lower than in the usual hotspots.

Premium product

Our backend system allows meeting planning with many attendants from all over the world, and we will make a premium version of our booking engine available for business meeting planning soon. This will allow you to enter many more origins into the system and run some real heavy search queries, especially designed for large business meetings or weddings. In the mean time, send us an email at and we’ll try to help you by running some manual queries through our backend.