Smart travel solutions offers smart travel solutions that bring friends and family together. We build smart solutions that make it easier to reunite with your friends and loved ones and find cheap flights that enable you to meet in an exciting new location.

About the travel industry

Airfares are difficult to understand and ticket prices change quickly. Sometimes so quickly that once you have found your ideal trip, an hour later it can already be more expensive. When you are trying to book a trip with friends this can be very frustrating as there are no clear results for everyone, and it is difficult to find the right matching trip.

To counter this, our search engine collects all flights for you and your friends in one overview so you can easily pick the right flight for everyone to meet in one location. The booking process after is quick and painless, and transfers you directly to the cheapest ticket provider with live prices.


More and more people work as an expat in another country, live abroad or study in another city. Moving abroad is great but it also means you have to leave your friends and family behind.

Sometimes, it is not so easy to get together again with those people you have met on journeys, in business, during your study abroad, and if you are like us, traveling frequently you will find yourself building valuable contacts and relationships in inconvenient locations. As passionate people-people, we work to make even the remotest friendships closer by enabling cheaper travel to meet.

We believe in personal connections and meeting your friends and family in person. By enabling you to book a trip with friends from abroad, you can strengthen the friendship and meanwhile see an exciting new place together.

Social travel

With so many expats and people living away from home and family, it is no wonder that social media plays a key role in staying in contact with your friends and family. Also, spending time with friends or family is one of the main drivers behind travel. We see a clear future for a more synchronised and more exciting idea: social travel: find a perfectly suitable trip for multiple people from different places, and travel to a new place to spend quality time together. Why not use technology to get together in real life, instead of only maintain a virtual relationship?

Weddings or family gatherings

Are you planning a wedding or family gathering with many international guest? Apart from your personal preferences, cost of flying the attendees in may be a factor in your planning process. In the future you can use our premium system to find some great suggestions for wedding locations or the best place to travel to for your family. Until then, we can use our backend to provide you with some destination suggestions, please contact us at and we'll try to help as good as we can!